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The Rankings: Pound for Pound: Nov 17, 2012


The Rankings are just that – The MMA Manifesto's rankings of the best fighters in mixed martial arts today.  Check back every Monday and Friday for our rankings of a different weight class.  Next up: Pound for Pound. 

Voting Panel: Jeff Fox – The MMA Manifesto and FIGHT! magazine, speeds - Sports Two MMA ForumDave Kelsey – 2011 MMA Manifesto Pick 'Em Contest Champion, Sanford & Son – old school MMA head and Slavoj Žižek zealot, and MMA journalist (FIGHT!,, Keyboard Kimura) E. Spencer Kyte.


*stipulations: 1) any fighter currently suspended or 2) inactive for at least 12 months (without an upcoming fight scheduled) are excluded from the rankings


1) (tied) (1) Jon Jones - #1 Ranked Light Heavyweight – UFC – 47 points (out of 50)

Record: 17-1
Last Five Fights: 5-0
Record vs Top 10: 0-0
Next Fight: vs Chael Sonnen – TBA

He said he wouldn't let it happen, but Chael Sonnen was able to badger Jon Jones into given him a title shot.  Sigh.

1) (tied) (1) Anderson Silva - #1 Ranked Middleweight - UFC – 47 points
                     Last Five Fights: 5-0 
                     Record vs Top 10: 1-0 (W-D. Henderson)
                     Next Fight: TBA

The Spider showed Stephan Bonnar exactly why he is the G.O.A.T.

3) (3) Georges St-Pierre#1 Ranked Welterweight – UFC – 40 points
           Record: 22-2
           Last Five Fights: 5-0
           Record vs Top 10: 0-0
           Next Fight: vs Carlos Condit – UFC 154 – Nov 17th

How GSP does in his comeback match versus Carlos Condit tomorrow will go a long way in determining his place on the next edition of our Pound for Pound list.

4) (4) Jose Aldo - #1 Ranked Featherweight – UFC – 36 points
           Last Five Fights: 5-0 
           Record vs Top 10: 0-0
           Next Fight: vs #8 Frankie Edgar – UFC 156 – Feb 2nd

Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar will be headlining a stacked Super Bowl weekend UFC 156 card.

5) (5) Dominick Cruz – #1 Ranked Bantamweight – UFC – 28 points

dominick cruz

    Record: 19-1
    Last Five Fights: 5-0 
    Record vs Top 10: 0-0   
    Next Fight: TBA

Sadly, the MMA world has lost another great (temporarily) – a damaged knee will keep Dominick Cruz on the shelf for awhile.

6) (tied) (6) Benson Henderson#1 Ranked Lightweight – UFC – 17 points
                     Record: 17-2
                     Last Five Fights: 5-0 
                     Record vs Top 10: 2-0 (W-Edgar, W-Edgar)
                     Next Fight: vs Nate Diaz – UFC on Fox 5 – Dec 8th

Benson Henderson's domination of the lightweight division continues – but just barely.

6) (tied) (6) Junior dos Santos - #1 Ranked Heavyweight – UFC – 17 points
                     Record: 15-1
                     Last Five Fights: 5-0   
                     Record vs Top 10: 0-0
                     Next Fight: vs Cain Velasquez – UFC 155 – Dec 29th

One successful title defense in the books for Junior dos Santos.

8) (8) Frankie Edgar#2 Ranked Featherweight – UFC – 9 points
           Record: 14-3-1
           Last Five Fights: 2-2-1
           Record vs Top 10: 0-2 (L- Henderson, L-Henderson)
           Next Fight: vs #4 Frankie Edgar – UFC 156 – Feb 2nd

Frankie Edgar should consider Jose Aldo's injury a blessing in disguise – now he'll have proper time to prepare for the champ.

9) (tied) (9) Dan Henderson - #3 Ranked Light Heavyweight- 8 points
                     Record: 29-8
                     Last Five Fights: 4-1
                     Record vs Top 10: 0-1 (L-Silva)
                     Next Fight: vs Lyoto Machida – UFC 156 - Feb 2nd (rumoured)

Dan Henderson blew his knee out, and subsequently perhaps lost his last chance at UFC gold.

9) (tied) (9) Renan Barao#2 Ranked Bantamweight – 8 points
                     Record: 29-1 (1 No Contest) 
                     Last Five Fights: 5-0 
                     Record vs Top 10: 0-0
                     Next Fight: TBA

It wasn't pretty, but Renan Barao got past Urijah Faber and now has UFC gold around his waist (kinda sorta).

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