The Rankings: The Welterweights: Nov 30, 2012


The Rankings are just that – The MMA Manifesto's rankings of the best fighters in mixed martial arts today.  Check back every Monday and Friday for our rankings of a different weight class.  Next up: The Welterweights. 

Voting Panel: Jeff Fox – The MMA Manifesto, speeds – Sports Two MMA Forum, Dave Kelsey – 2011 MMA Manifesto Pick 'Em Contest Champion, Sanford & Son – old school MMA head and Slavoj Žižek zealot, and MMA journalist (FIGHT!,, Keyboard Kimura) E. Spencer Kyte. 

*new stipulations: 1) any fighter currently suspended or 2) inactive for at least 12 months (without an upcoming fight scheduled) are excluded from the rankings



1) (Last Ranking – 1) Georges St-Pierre – UFC Welterweight Champion – 50 points


Record: 23-2
Last Five Fights: 5-0
Record vs Top 10: 4-0 (W-Condit, W-Koscheck, W-Fitch, W-Koscheck)
Next Fight: TBA

After a triumphant return to the Octagon, GSP has to decide now whether to be lured into the Spider's web or not.

2) (3) Johny Hendricks – UFC – 43 points
           Record: 14-1
           Last Five Fights: 5-1 
           Record vs Top 10: 3-0 (W-Kampmann, W-Koscheck, W-Fitch)    
           Next Fight: TBA

And The Legend of the Beard continues to grow.


3) (2) Carlos Condit – UFC – 41 points          
           Record: 28-6
           Last Five Fights: 4-1
           Record vs Top 10: 2-1 (L-St-Pierre,W-MacDonald, W-Ellenberger)
           Next Fight: TBA

He was up for the challenge, but The Natural Born Killer wasn't able to dethrone the king.


4) (5) Jon Fitch – UFC – 31 points 
           Record: 24-4-1 (1 No Contest)
           Last Five Fights: 3-1-1
           Record vs Top 10: 0-2 (L-Hendricks, L-St-Pierre)
           Next Fight: vs #9 Demian Maia – UFC 156 – Feb 2nd

Jon Fitch made a very impressive return to the Octagon, slaying Erick Silva in his native Brazil.


5) (4) Martin Kampmann – UFC – 26 points

martin kampmann weigh in

Record: 20-6
Last Five Fights: 3-2
Record vs Top 10: 2-1 (L-Hendricks, W-Ellenberger, W-Condit) 
Next Fight: TBA

Hitman decided to test his chin versus Johny Hendricks's left hand.  The chin lost.


6) (7) Rory MacDonald – UFC – 24 points 
          Record: 13-1
          Last Five Fights: 4-1
          Record vs Top 10: 0-1 (L-Condit)
          Next Fight: vs BJ Penn – UFC on Fox: Henderson vs Diaz – Dec 8th

Just a few more days before Rory MacDonald gets his long awaited clash with BJ Penn.


7) (6) Jake Ellenberger – UFC – 23 points 
          Last Five Fights: 4-1
          Record vs Top 10: 0-2 (L-Kampmann, L-Condit)
          Next Fight: TBA

Jake Ellenberger's meteoric rise to the top of the welterweight division was harshly halted by a Martin Kampmann knee.


8) (8) Josh Koscheck – UFC – 18 points 
          Last Five Fights: 3-2 
          Record vs Top 10: 0-3 (L-Hendricks, L-St-Pierre, L-St-Pierre)
          Next Fight: TBA

A bad back has Josh Koscheck on the shelf, as he had to pull out of his scheduled fight with Jake Ellenberger.


9) (9) Demian Maia – UFC – 10 points
           Record: 17-4
           Last Five Fights: 3-2
           Record vs Top 10: 0-0
           Next Fight: vs #4 Jon Fitch – UFC 156 – Feb 2nd

Two up, two down for Demian Maia in the UFC's 170-pound division.

10) (9) Ben Askren – Bellator Welterweight Champion – 6 points 

             Record: 10-0
             Last Five Fights: 5-0
             Record vs Top 10: 0-0
             Next Fight: vs Karl Amoussou – TBA

The problem with fighters in Bellator is that we really don't know how good they are since they aren't regularly going up against top competition.  And the way Ben Askren and Dana White feuded a few months back, it doesn't look like we'll have any answers to how good Askren is anytime soon.


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