The Rankings: The Middleweights: Jan 21, 2013


The Rankings are just that – The MMA Manifesto's rankings of the best fighters in mixed martial arts today.  Check back every Monday and Friday for our rankings of a different weight class.  Next up: The Middleweights. 

Voting Panel: Jeff Fox – The MMA Manifesto, Sanford & Son – old school MMA head and Slavoj Žižek zealotDave Kelsey – 2011 MMA Manifesto Pick 'Em Contest Champion, Daniel Vreeland from The MMA Manifesto and PrelimPickerspeeds – Sports Two MMA Forum, and MMA journalist (FIGHT!,, Keyboard Kimura) E. Spencer Kyte.

*stipulations: 1) any fighter currently suspended or 2) inactive for at least 12 months (without an upcoming fight scheduled) are excluded from the rankings

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1) (Previous Ranking: 1) Anderson Silva – UFC Middleweight Champion – 60 points (out of 60)

anderson silva on cage

    Record: 33-4
    Last Five Fights: 5-0 
    Record vs Top 10: 2-1 (W-Okami, w-Belfort, L-Okami)
    Next Fight: TBA

The Spider vanquished his biggest rival yet (and Stephen Bonnar, to boot).  But what (who) is next?  

2) (2) Chris Weidman – UFC – 54 points 
          Last Five Fights: 5-0 
          Record vs Top 10: 1-0 (W-Munoz) 
          Next Fight: TBA

Chris Weidman is rocketing up the middleweight rankings – but what's the point if the champion refuses to fight you?

3) (9Vitor Belfort – UFC – 11 points 
           Record: 22-10
           Last Five Fights: 3-2
           Record vs Top 10: 1-1 (W-Bisping, L-Silva)
           Next Fight: TBA

The "old lion" showed Michael Bisping and the rest of the MMA world that he has lots of bite left in him.


4) (7) Mark Munoz – UFC – 32 points
           Record: 12-3
           Last Five Fights: 4-1 
           Record vs Top 10: 0-2 (L-Weidman, L-Okami)
           Next Fight: TBA

The Filipino Wrecking Machine is 0-2 now versus the world's top middleweights.


5) (tied) (6) Yushin Okami – UFC – 31 points
                      Record: 28-7
                      Last Five Fights: 3-2
                      Record vs Top 10: 4-2 (W-Belcher, L-Boetsch, L-Silva, W-Munoz, W-Belcher, W-Silva)
                      Next Fight: vs # 7 Hector Lombard – UFC on Fuel TV: Silva vs Stann – Mar 3rd

It wasn't pretty, but Thunder Okami got himself another win versus a top 10 middleweight.


5) (tied) (5) Luke Rockhold – UFC – 31 points
                     Record: 10-1
                     Last Five Fights: 5-0 
                     Record vs Top 10: 0-0
                     Next Fight: TBA

Who will the Strikeforce champion's first UFC opponent be?


7) (tied) (4) Michael Bisping – UFC – 20 points 

michael bisping vs jorge rivera

    Record: 23-5
    Last Five Fights: 3-2
    Record vs Top 10: 0-1 (L-Belfort)  
    Next Fight: TBA

Once a midcard talent, always a midcard talent.


7) (tied) (10) Hector Lombard – UFC – 20 points
                        Record: 32-3-1 (1)
                        Last Five Fights: 4-1
                        Record vs Top 10: 0-1 (L-Boetsch)
                        Next Fight: vs #5 Yushin Okami – UFC on Fuel TV: Silva vs Stann – Mar 3rd

Now THAT was the Hector Lombard the UFC thought they were getting when they signed him to a lucrative contract.


9) (3) Tim Boetsch – UFC – 17 points 
           Last Five Fights: 4-1
           Record vs Top 10: 2-0 (W-Lombard, W-Okami)
           Next Fight: TBA

Another possible opponent for Anderson Silva bites the dust.

10) (7) Alan Belcher – UFC – 10 points 
             Last Five Fights: 4-1
             Record vs Top 10: 0-2 (L-Okami, L-Okami)
             Next Fight: TBA

Sorry Mr. Belcher, but Yushin appears to have your number.


Bubbling under: Ronaldo Souza, Costa Philippou, Brian Stann, Cung Le



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