joseph benavidez

Joseph Benavidez Scouting Report

joseph benavidez scouting report
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Joseph Benavidez Scouting Report


5’4″ 125 lbs (Flyweight)
65″ reach, Southpaw
July 31, 1984


24-4 (UFC: 11-2)

Current Streak

5 straight wins



Championships Held




– very quick
– great wrestler
– extremely physically strong
– superior striking power for a flyweight
– superb submission skills
– very good striker
– has never been finished in a fight
– has only lost to two men in his whole career
– used to beating much bigger opponents
– very experienced
– great gas tank
– great at passing guard
– excellent striking defense
– very good mixing kicks into his attack
– trains with one of the best lighter weight camps in the world
– on another hot streak right now



– horribly inaccurate striker (33%)
has never won “the big one” (0-3 in title fights)
horrible takedown accuracy and takedown defense
doesn’t land many strikes in the clinch or on the ground
– can be knocked out.
– some training camp drama as of late



The UFC’s flyweight division feels like it was created specifically with Joe Jitsu in mind.  Yet, he continues to struggle to get UFC gold around his waist.


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