Anderson’s Big Payday

anderson silva bows on scale

Despite the outcome of tonight’s highly anticipated main event at UFC 148, Anderson Silva will leave the big winner.  How are we so sure of this?  Because money makes the world go ’round, and The Spider will be a very rich man after his rematch versus Chael Sonnen.  While the greatest of all-time might not get his big payback on Sonnen, he at least will get a big payday.

The official purse info released by the Las Vegas Athletic Commission will have Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin (if he beats Ortiz) listed as earning more than Silva’s $200,000, but that doesn’t tell the whole story.  It’s being widely speculated that in order to convince the UFC Middleweight Champion to take the Sonnen fight in Vegas and not his homeland of Brazil, the UFC had to bump Silva’s pay for the event up to a cool $8 million.  Add in the $500,000 he is earning from Burger King for wearing their logo on his fight shorts for the event, plus all the other sponsorship money he will be racking in, and Anderson Silva is a very rich man.

The UFC will be earning the largest live-gate haul in MMA history tonight, bringing in around $6.5 million in gate receipts.  The PPV haul should be in the $18-25 million range, so the company certainly could afford to give Silva a nice pay raise for tonight’s festivities.

So win, lose or draw (how horrible would a draw be?!), one thing is for sure – Anderson Silva has already won at life.


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