UFC 168 Sells Over A Million PPVs

  The UFC as a viable pay-per-view entity is still alive and well if UFC 168's sales results are any indication.  The event, headlined by Chris Weidman breaking Anderson Silva's leg and Ronda Rousey tapping out Miesha Tate, did brisk PPV sales.  Dave Meltzer reports that the preliminary data has the event selling around 1.1 million PPVs! […]


UFC 167 Does Disappointing PPV Sales

Georges St-Pierre might be the UFC's active (I guess 'active' is a relative term since he's taking a sabbatical from the Octagon) pay-per-view sales king, but even the king isn't immune to the recent downturn in business.  Dave Meltzer reports that UFC 167, which featured the much-anticipated matchup between St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks, sold in […]

Nobody Bought UFC 165 & 166 PPVs

(Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports)   Ok – the title is a bit misleading - some people bought the UFC 165 and 166 pay-per-views, but not many people.  Dave Meltzer reports that early indicators are that both shows did in the 300,000-325,000 buyrate range, with UFC 166 perhaps doing a tad bit more sales than 165. These numbers have […]

UFC 164 Does Solid PPV Sales

(Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports) While 270,000 pay-per-view sales would have been considered a big flop in the good old days (aka a couple of years ago), in today's MMA climate it is a modest sales success.  Dave Meltzer is reporting that 270,000 people bought the UFC 164 pay-per-view and in the process saw Anthony Pettis […]

UFC_158_GSP_Diaz poster

UFC 158 PPV Buyrate – A Sales Record For GSP

Nick Diaz didn't just send Georges St-Pierre to his "dark place" at UFC 158 – he also propelled GSP to a personal sales record.  Dave Meltzer is reporting that UFC 158 is trending to top 800,000 in pay-per-view buys, which makes it the top selling PPV headlined by St-Pierre. 800,000+ buys for UFC 158 would […]

ufc 157-rousey celebrating

UFC 157 PPV Buyrate: The Girl is a Star

There's a lot of smiling faces around Zuffa headquarters today.  The early UFC 157 pay-per-view buyrate estimates are in, and they are almost double what the company was hoping for.  Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer reports that the show did in the 400,000-450,000 sales range, proving that Ronda Rousey is indeed a legitimate star.   While […]

frankie edgar punches benson henderson ufc 150

UFC 150 PPV Buyrate: Another Box Office Bomb

The UFC took another body blow at the pay-per-view box office, as Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer reports the very, very early estimates for UFC 150′s PPV buyrate is in the 190,000 range.  A couple of factors lead to that low number (which could end up being a bit higher as more accurate estimates become available) […]

UFC 147 PPV Buyrate: Lowest Since 2005

Wrestling Oberver’s Dave Meltzer reports that the brutally-weak UFC 147 pay-per-view has done some record-breaking action at the box office.  The event sold approximately 140,000 pay-per-views, making it the worst-selling UFC event since UFC 55 way back in October of 2005.  He also notes that UFC 148 looks to have done more than 900,000 buys, […]

UFC 149: 235,000 Buys

The early estimates are in for UFC 149′s pay-per-view buyrate, as Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer reports the event sold in the 235,000 range.  The injury-ravaged card, which emanated out of Calgary, was headlined by Renan Barao beating Urijah Faber for the UFC’s interim bantamweight strap. Considering the way this card got decimated by […]

UFC 148 Does 1 Million Buys

The early estimates for UFC 148′s pay-per-view sales totals are in, and – surprise, surprise – another one of Dana White’s bold predictions have failed to come true.  Dave Meltzer is reporting that the early sales estimates for the card are around the 1 million mark, not more than 1.6 million buys like White boasted […]

Top 10 UFC PPV Average Draws: Current Fighters

We revealed last week that Georges St-Pierre is the best PPV draw currently in the UFC, based on career sales.  That list was, not surprisingly, jammed full of UFC veterans who have headlined for a long time and therefore have accumulated large sales totals.  But is GSP still king when we break it down by […]

Top 10 UFC PPV Draws: Current Fighters

The Golden Goose is dead.  Brock Lesnar, the UFC’s money man, its selling machine, has left the building to run back into Vince McMahon’s arms.  And with him he took his golden touch in the pay-per-view realm.  In the good old days, a Lesnar appearance on a PPV card guaranteed the UFC at least a […]

jds punching mir

UFC 146 Does Impressive PPV Sales

The early estimates for UFC 146′s pay-per-view buyrate are in, and they are reportedly (by Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer) very good.  The all-heavyweight main card, headlined by Junior dos Santos vs Frank Mir, sold in the 560,000-580,000 range.  This makes it the third-highest selling UFC PPV in the past year, topped only by UFC 141 […]

UFC 145 PPV Buyrate: Bones is a Star

There was some debate over whether or not the Jon Jones-Rashad Evans was so overplayed and shoved down fans’ throats that UFC 145 wouldn’t sell as many pay-per-views as the company hoped.  Those fears appear to be unfounded.  And Jon Jones appears to be a legitimate star.  The early estimates are that UFC 145 sold […]

ufc 144 saitama super arena

UFC 144 Buyrate: Another Solid Outing

Another UFC pay-per-view in the books, another solid buyrate.  Historically, as a headliner Frankie Edgar hasn’t been a big money-earner for the UFC, but things might be changing.  Early estimates are that Saturday’s UFC 144 show from Japan sold a solid 375,000 pay-per-views. While that isn’t as huge a number as the company used to […]