ufc 157-rousey celebrating

UFC 157 PPV Buyrate: The Girl is a Star

There's a lot of smiling faces around Zuffa headquarters today.  The early UFC 157 pay-per-view buyrate estimates are in, and they are almost double what the company was hoping for.  Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer reports that the show did in the 400,000-450,000 sales range, proving that Ronda Rousey is indeed a legitimate star.


While the big names in the UFC (whoever has the heavyweight strap, Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre) tend to sell at higher level than this, it appears Rousey has all the lighter weight classes beat for selling power.  In fact, UFC 152, which was headlined by two title fights (Jones vs Vitor Belfort and Demetrious Johnson vs Joseph Benavidez) only sold 450,000 PPVs.  It appears as long as Rousey keeps the title, the women are here to stay in the UFC.


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